Sylvia Bouzaid

Sylvia Bouzaid

Designer & Managing Director

Sylvia has been creating commercial spaces for over 20 years on three continents. She draws from a vast experience and understands the modern needs and demands of today’s working environments. 

“I work for my clients! i am there to understand their business and get to know their requirements. Together we build a professional relationship based on trust.”

Sylvia takes a lead role in every project no mater how big or small, every client is important!

Sylvia is a qualified German Interior Architect and has a masters in design from AUT.

Joel Bouzaid

Joel Bouzaid

CFO & Project Manager

“It’s all about the people! and managing people is my job!”

Joel has been project managing for over seven years and in two languages. You have a business to run, so we will take the stress out of your office renovation or relocation. Put your project in our hands and our professional expertise and attention to detail will save you time and money and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

It shouldn’t say ‘About Us’, it should rather say ‘about YOU’.
Because running a project is about you and your needs and we pride ourselves in supplying an honest, caring and personal relationship to our clients.
Being independent consultants and provider for commercial fit-outs we strive to find the best products available in the New Zealand market to serve your budget and requirements. We are passionate about design and long years of experience in the European market provides our work with a special touch to create the most distinctive outcome achievable in the New Zealand market. We are dedicated to what we do and our client’s satisfaction. Starting a project is about the relationship of who you are as our client, the space provided and the needs of the usage of that space. Therefore every project is new in the approach and the basic design elements such as light, colours, furniture, layout, materials is composed each time in a new unique way to reflect who you are and the work you do. We translate your corporate culture and identity into the built space giving you, your employees and visitors a sense of recognition, commitment and belonging. Our expertise is to produce efficient, pleasant working environments where we focus on one’s needs and perception of that built space.

Office Design Group covers all aspects of the design and fitting out of commercial space. Our clients range from small businesses to corporate enterprises in a variety of fields: Office, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality Education and Non-Profit Organisations. We have a strong supplier network and teamwork ethics to meet deadlines and budgets, maintaining high standards at all times. Our comprehensive design, communication and project management skills give you the assurance of a hassle free time where you run your business while we run your job. Our vibrant approach means we blend the big picture with attention to detail, the balance of style and function to create our special mark of excellence giving you a unique result that contributes to the success of your business.

Creative Director

Sylvia Bouzaid, MA Art & Design (AUT), Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architecture (Germany)

“Working in the New Zealand market is a challenge and I see so much potential. Coming from Germany I feel the need to instigate a stronger awareness for ergonomics and the importance of a quality designed space for one’s well-being and therefore the beneficial gains for the employer.”