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When it comes to interior design, like fashion, trends come and go. But there are crucial design elements, which can be incorporated into your business to help you create a special encounter. The principles of design are based on proportion and functionality. By understanding these principals and honing in on the desired goal of what you want your clients to experience, and what your clients want, good design can produce a unique business, which will stand the test of flippant time that trends fall into. There are many progressive design and construct directions to be considered in the interior fit out of a business. Always start with a good design, firm understanding of your budget and what you are trying to achieve for the end user – your employees and your clients. Here are a few options that will help you with your fitout. New & Existing Building Fitouts & Refurbishments Conceptual Design Proposals & Schematic Layouts Spatial Planning Hard Fitout Detailing Building works Soft Fitout – Furniture, fixtures & fittings Marketing Plans Tender & Construction Documentation Building Works Project Management Feasibility Studies Site Surveys Existing furniture audits & usability assessments Budgetary estimations Custom Design Furniture Concept designs for unique installations Consultations Custom designed cabinetry Manufacturing get in touch! Contact us for our free consulting package including: first meeting – site survey – budget estimations – expected timeline Talk To Us...

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Design & Build Process

OUR DESIGN & BUILD PROCESS We’re aware that you have a business to run, so we will take the stress out of your office renovation or relocation. Put your project in our hands and our professional expertise and attention to detail will save you time and money and deliver results that exceed your expectations.   Step 1: The Brief In our initial consultation meeting we begin by creating a brief to understand your requirements. You tell us: How you and your staff work? What image you wish to project What your future plans are Your requirements for areas such as reception and boardrooms Your budget Your timeframe How important is sustainability and environmental reporting? Does your company have any special OSH requirements We supply: A written Brief summary of your plans A basic site survey of the existing space budget estimations based on the brief   Step 2: The Research & Design We create of our our final design concept and talk it through with you, make changes and clearly define the ‘scope of works’ and re-evaluate your budget accordingly. We do our homework by: Conducting a thorough site survey to measure the available space and review your existing furnishings Studying the way your staff work together Researching the equipment you need Investigating your storage requirements Listening to your plans for future growth conducting ergonomic and feasibility studies, if necessary...

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Why Do Office Chairs Vary In Price So Much?

Why Do Office Chairs Vary In Price So Much? If you have shopped for office chairs recently, then you may be asking yourself this question. On the upper end, you have the all mesh Aeron chair from Herman Miller that will run you anywhere from $900.00 to $1,000.00 after any discounting.  On the lower end, there are a handful of basic task chairs under $100.00 at most any big box store like Office Depot carries. What is the difference and is it worth it? There are many differences, some more obvious than others. To design a chair with proper...

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How to position your worksplace and sit ergonomically correct

How to position your workplace and sit ergonomically correct Positioning your workplace to your individual needs helps to prevent from wrong postures and straining your body which can cause fatigue, muscle tension, aches and long term back pains. If you change and share your workplace with others you will have to adjust your seat each time as we are all proportioned different in size. There is no such thing as the one right seating position. The key is to keep changing seating positions. To sit all day is just as bad as standing all day. Crucial for a healthy back is...

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Evolution of the office space

Evolution of the Office Space The evolution of office space has gone through many different changes through the past century. This infographic provided by the University of Southern California Applied Psychology Department explains the evolution of office space. [vCitaMeetingScheduler type=widget...

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