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Why Do Office Chairs Vary In Price So Much?

Why Do Office Chairs Vary In Price So Much? If you have shopped for office chairs recently, then you may be asking yourself this question. On the upper end, you have the all mesh Aeron chair from Herman Miller that will run you anywhere from $900.00 to $1,000.00 after any discounting.  On the lower end, there are a handful of basic task chairs under $100.00 at most any big box store like Office Depot carries. What is the difference and is it worth it? There are many differences, some more obvious than others. To design a chair with proper...

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Evolution of the office space

Evolution of the Office Space The evolution of office space has gone through many different changes through the past century. This infographic provided by the University of Southern California Applied Psychology Department explains the evolution of office space. [vCitaMeetingScheduler type=widget...

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